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Exploring Lake Oswego’s Farmers Market

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There’s no better place to enjoy the finest agricultural products in Clackamas County, Oregon than at Lake Oswego’s Farmers Market. Supported by growers, artisans, and other vendors who are passionate about their craft, the market unveils a wide selection of items that locals and visitors come for miles to discover. Read more about the Lake Oswego Farmers Market below.

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Established in 2001, the Lake Oswego Farmers Market is a European-style market that attracts more than 8,000 people each week. The open-air market is run by the City of Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department with the objective of showcasing the region’s finest products. It also aims to boost business in the city’s downtown area and to provide a social gathering place for the community. 

The Farmers Market is held every Saturday from 8:30AM to 1:30PM at Millennium Plaza Park, a popular outdoor hub in the heart of downtown Lake Oswego. An annual summer event, the market started on May 13 and ends on October 14 this 2023.

What to expect

There’s plenty to look forward to in the Lake Oswego Farmers Market. From fresh fruits and vegetables to cheeses and nuts, you’ll discover a diverse array of local and in-season products. Apart from the food, you’ll also get to meet the vendors who are eager to share their story and passion. Just remember that each vendor won’t be present every week.

The Lake Oswego Farmers Market isn’t complete without live music. Local musicians showcase their talent by playing folk, blues, and jazz tunes. 

The market also has an area dedicated to young attendees. The Kids Corner is a fun and educational experience led by local schools and youth organizations. Here, kids can enjoy a craft or activity that is not only enjoyable but educational as well.

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Lake Oswego Farmers Market features more than 80 vendors each week, offering a wide variety of agricultural products, artisan crafts, and baked goods. Whether you’re looking for something healthy, delicious, or unique, you’ll find it at the outdoor market. Here are some of the vendors that you can expect to see:

  • Three Goats Farm

    Three Goats Farm is a small farm in Oregon City that grows vegetables, fruit, and mushrooms using regenerative farming practices. The farm is committed to rebuilding soil in order to produce healthy and delicious food for the community and the environment. Aside from its fresh produce, Three Goats Farm also makes hot sauce, pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut.

  • aMYLK

    If you’re looking for a plant-based alternative to dairy milk, aMYLK is a delicious and eco-friendly option to try. It’s organically grown, unpasteurized, and naturally high in vitamins and minerals. And unlike other commercially made plant and nut mylks, aMYLK contains at least 25% nuts or seeds. Among the aMYLK flavors that you’ll find are almond, hazelnut, and matcha almond.

  • A Stone’s Throw Jewelry

    For timeless, yet versatile jewelry, A Stone’s Throw piece is the perfect addition to your everyday outfit. The jewelry brand uses gold, silver, and 14k gold filled materials and the highest quality craftsmanship to make its beautiful pieces. A Stone’s Throw is also more than just a brand; It’s a social enterprise committed to giving back to the community.

  • Briskets and Gravy

    Briskets and Gravy is a family-owned and operated food truck with mouthwatering dishes like BBQ brisket bites, smoked brisket melt, and brisket with southern-style gravy. Each item on the menu is carefully crafted by the owners, who are passionate about bringing people together through food. 

  • Catherine’s Cattle Ranch

    Located in North Plains, Catherine’s Cattle Ranch produces grass-fed-and-finished-beef from Hereford and Red Angus cattle. Their high-quality beef is sold in quarters, halves, and whole shares. Catherine’s Cattle Ranch also practices sustainable farming by using rotational grazing, which improves soil quality. 

  • Closed Loop Woodworks LLC

    Closed Loop Woodworks uses reclaimed or salvaged wood and bamboo plywood to make functional art. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, like their end grain cutting boards that are a mix of domestic and exotic hardwoods and their beautifully crafted state-shaped cutting boards.

  • Concourse Coffee

    Enjoy specialty coffee from this unique sport culture and entertainment brand. Concourse Coffee, which is based in Northeast Portland, sells roasted beans from Ethiopia, Central and South America, and Peru. Aside from coffee, the shop also sells beer, wine, and cider.

  • Dregs Vodka

    The only Certified B-Corp vodka brand in the world, Dregs Vodka is a premium potato vodka that you should definitely try. It goes through a distillation process six times and a filtration process over 60 times to ensure its smooth and pure taste. Dregs Vodka also gives back to the community, donating all of its profits to Oregon-based charities for the disadvantaged youth.

  • Finches and Friends

    Add more personality to your outdoor living space with the unique sheet metal sculptures from Finches and Friends. These vibrant, three-dimensional sculptures come in different sizes and types of birds like hummingbirds, robins, cardinals, and warblers. Since enamel paint is used for each bird, they are weather-resistant and suitable to be displayed outdoors.

  • Glowstone Candles

    More than just a candle, a Glowstone is a work of art that serves as a unique piece to your home’s decor. Each Glowstone, which is handpicked and handcrafted by a skilled team in the Pacific Northwest, is made from materials like crystals, minerals, and fossils. These candles use pure paraffin oil instead of wax, making it sustainable and eco-friendly as well.

  • Helvetia Creamery

    Helvetia Creamery, which has been operating since 1899, produces two types of Swiss Alpine cheeses: Apfelheller and Helvetia Bergkäse. Both cheeses are firm, flavorful, and close to the Gruyere style. Helvetia Creamery takes pride in their work, from growing their own hay to looking after the Brown Swiss cows that provide the fresh milk for their cheeses. 

  • Ken & June’s Hazelnuts, Melcher Family Farm

    Ken & June’s Hazelnuts is a family-owned and operated business that has been growing and roasting hazelnuts since the 1950s. Located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, the farm manages over 300 acres of hazelnut orchards. Experience the different taste of fresh and local hazels by trying their roasted, salted, or chocolate-covered hazelnuts. 

  • Kiyokawa Family Orchards

    A fourth-generation family farm in the Hood River Valley, Kiyokawa Family Orchards offers over 120 varieties of apples, cherries, and pears. When you visit the Kiyokawa Family Orchards’ stall at the Lake Oswego Farmers Market, don’t forget to check out their seasonal fruit, local honey, and freshly pressed cider. 

  • Maryhill Fruit Company

    Since 1963, the Maryhill Fruit Company has been producing fruits and vegetables from its Maryhill, WA farm. The family-owned farm is known for its delicious and sweet peaches, along with other stone fruits like plums, apricots, and nectarines. 

  • Not Bread

    Not your ordinary bread, this gluten-free loaf is made with 8 simple ingredients: Gluten-free rolled oats and seeds (sunflower, flax, and chia), honey, olive oil, psyllium husk, and sea salt. It does not contain any flour, eggs, butter, or dairy products. A delicious and nutritious alternative to regular bread, you can get the fiber and protein you need from a Not Bread loaf.

  • Pappardelle’s Market Pasta

    Founded in 1984, Pappardelle’s is known for their 220 flavors of dried pasta. The popular pasta is made with pure durum semolina flour, which gives the pasta its high-quality texture and taste. Pappardelle’s dry pasta comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from lasagna noodles to flat-cut pasta.

  • Scratch Meats

    For the handmade fresh sausages in Clackamas County, head to Scratch Meats. It has no preservatives and it’s made from the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced meat. Once the sausage is made, it is vacuum sealed and frozen right away to preserve its freshness. Some of the sausage varieties that you’ll find in Scratch Meats are pork Italian, chicken chorizo, and bratwurst.

  • The Henry Soap Company

    One of the best soap stalls in the Lake Oswego Farmers Market is The Henry Soap Company. The company’s owner and namesake Robin Henry started making her own soap to clear her severe cystic acne. While the company has a variety of soap products to cater to different skin types and preferences, you can expect each one to have nutrient-rich oils and the finest-quality ingredients.

  • Tumwater Vineyard

    Looking for a selection of classic wines made from locally grown grapes? Tumwater Vineyard is a winery and vineyard in West Linn, Oregon with over 23 acres of Pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes. Among their wine selections are theirWhite Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Getting there

The Lake Oswego Farmers Market can be accessed via Interstate 5 and Route 217. Once you exit Kruse Way, drive for 1.2 miles until you reach a “T” intersection. You’ll turn left onto Lower Boones Ferry Road and stay on the right lane to Country Club Road. After 1.7 miles, the road name will change to A Avenue and you’ll hit your destination when you turn right into 1st Street.

If you’re coming from Portland, get to Highway 43 and drive for 4.9 miles. After turning right onto A Avenue, go left into 1st Street.


vendor giving bell pepper to customer

If you are passionate about providing fresh, local, and quality products to the community, you may want to consider becoming a vendor at the Lake Oswego Farmers Market. It’s also an excellent opportunity to connect with new customers, promote your business, and support the local economy.

To become a vendor, all you need to do is apply online and pay a non-refundable application fee of $25. Keep in mind that acceptance is not guaranteed. Your application will be evaluated based on the market eligibility of your products and other guidelines. Since the Lake Oswego Farmers Market is mainly an agricultural market, non-agricultural vendors are accepted on a limited basis. These vendors include artisans, city government participants, and nonprofit organizations.

Here are some of the requirements to becoming a vendor at the Lake Oswego Farmers Market:

  • The products sold must be either grown, produced, or made in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho.
  • Catering services, membership services, and vitamins and dietary supplements are not allowed to be sold. 
  • Pet food is allowed, provided that it was raised by a farmer and it is minimally processed.

Become a vendor for the Lake Oswego Farmers Market in 2024 by getting in touch with Market Manager Emily here.


Lake Oswego

Nestled on the banks of the Willamette River, Lake Oswego is a city that offers the perfect mix of natural beauty, cultural richness, and business opportunities. If you’re looking for an Oregon city to live, work, and play in, Lake Oswego is the place for you. 

Lake Oswego is home to around 41,000 residents, making it the most populous city in Clackamas County. In terms of location, the city provides easy access to the Portland International Airport and to major highways like Interstate 5, Highway 217, and Highway 43. Lake Oswego’s convenient location is also an advantage for businesses. The city, which is home to more than 2,200 businesses, has a variety of office spaces, enterprise zones, and mixed-use developments.

When it comes to shopping, recreation, and entertainment, Lake Oswego doesn’t hold back. Its charming downtown area has something for everyone, from specialty shops to excellent dining options. Among the top recreational activities in Lake Oswego are golfing at the Lake Oswego Public Golf Course, visiting the urban park and farm Luscher Farms, and exploring the many trails and pathways in the city.

Explore Lake Oswego real estate today

The Lake Oswego Farmers Market is just among the many attractions that you can find in this vibrant city. Aside from the must-visit farmers market, Lake Oswego is also home to incredible parks, wineries, and historic theaters. 

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